OCCITANI Wines is a promotional and trading agency offering exclusive author's wines issued

from some of the amazing hidden Languedoc-Roussillon vineyards.

With representations in Montreal (Quebec) and in Montpellier (France) , we are guiding keen north american wine enthusiasts throughout one of the most beautiful European wine area, the Languedoc-Roussillon.

Follow us in our journey and discover a new eco-responsible wines world.

All our products are issued from small-sized eco-friendly wineries in very limited quantities.

Far from branded wines and counting on the wine growers support, the author's wines offered by our agency are all preciously selected by our local french 'Jewel Finder constantly applying OCCITANI core values : 

  • Made in respect of the concerned local Appelation specifications

  • Eco-responsible products : Agro-Biologic/forestry , Nature , EU BIO certifications, Non-chemically pestcontrolled 

  • Small-sized wineries 

  • Wine grower's full control from cultivation, grape harvest, vinification to shipping 


We all pay attention to what we're eating , why not doing the same with what we're drinking. 


If interested in getting an exclusive nationwide access to the OCCITANI wines,

kindly contact us and we will redirect your request to the nearest state licensed retailer. 




U.S Distributors / Importers / Restaurants or simply wine lovers,

Get on the list to grant our portfolio access.


OCCITANI Wines Inc. 


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